What do the different letters at cpus mean


What do the different letters (K, S, T) mean which are behind the e.g. i7 3770?
There is also one without a letter.

Intel Core i7-3770T, Intel Core i7-3770S, Intel Core i7-3770K

Thank you.
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  1. K = Unlocked multiplier = Overclockable (AMD dropped the "Black" designation in favor of "K") , 77w TDP

    S = Lower power consumption; 65w TDP. Not overclockable.

    T = Even lower power consumption; 45w. Not overclockable. 200MHz slower than the other i7-3770 CPU versions.
  2. Click following link for more info:


    The S and T versions also includes some other technical advantaged for security purposes that is primarily useful in a corporate environment. Such as when the IT department remotely takes control of your PC and protecting some time and information sensitive data that are typically stored in specific areas of RAM / Cache; generally useful in the finance industry.
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