Upgrade Core 2 Duo to Core 2 Quad (mobile)

Hi everyone. I've now upgraded my old CPU (core 2 duo; 8x 2,13ghz; 2 cores) with a core 2 Quad (2,27ghz; 8,5x; 4 cores). The socket is the same and the notebook at first starts but when the windows 7 logo appears the laptop reboots.. I've tryed to install a new copy of windows but after few seconds the result is the same: reboot! I've tryed to install Ubuntu but it's the same. I've tryed to clear CMOS or update the BIOS... same result, continue reboots after few seconds. Help me please!! sorry for any language errors..

PS: maybe I must change fsb /dram but I don't know how to do...
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  1. Your whole system and power supply are geared for your original specs. The power supply may not be able to handle the new cpu or the board may need a bios update before you install the new cpu. I would look for more info on your motherboard and any available bios updates, which are often non existent on laptop boards, before spending any more money.
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