Feedly Offers a Solution for Homeless RSS Feed Lovers

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  1. Reading the topic, I seriously thought this was about people that loved RSS feeds about homeless people, or homeless people that loved RSS feeds.
  2. Read it mostly to see how 'homeless' people can get RSS feeds.
    As for Google Reader... never heard of it until this article.
  3. It really is a Google Reader clone and it's already working. I view full feeds that mark as read as I scroll. Feedly is the only service I've seen that duplicates that feature. Don't be put off by the magazine style view. You can make this thing look just like Reader in two clicks. Frankly I think it looks better than Reader. Their servers were overloaded last night but everything is working fine now.
  4. just got Feedly works great.
  5. dxwarlockhomeless people that loved RSS feeds.

    I was thinking the same thing. Then i remembered the 2.2 billion dollar government program to give cellphones to low income people (40% of which we find actually make too much to qualify but were given one anyway). Or the obama phone at ... For the homeless person on the go I guess.
  6. goodbye google reader, hello feedly =)
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