Windows 7 freezes during the start up. I feel like there is nothing i can do.

a little while ago my computer started to act weird. i was on it one night and it worked fine then i turned it off and the next day i tried to get on it it would freeze after ive logged in and tried to go to the desktop. So i tried booting up safemode and it didn't freeze, and i went online to see how i could fix it, a few answers suggested uninstalling certain programs like utorrent if you have them. so i tried it and it made no difference. I got frustrated and then just decided to try to use "system restore" which has worked for me in the past when i had similar problems on my computer. after i did that, i restarted as you have to with system restore. and this time i hit enter to start windows normally, and the glowing windows logo came up and said "starting windows" and after that went away a black screen with just my cursor in the center appeared. I couldn't move the cursor, infact my mouse and keyboard seemed almost like they were not working, the lights were off, even though they were glowing when i hit enter to start windows and stuff. Also, i tried to just re-install windows, cause i was desperate. and i have the same weird problem with my keyboard and mouse. the box pops up and asks to pick a country and language for the installation, but i cant do anything cause my mouse and keyboard aren't working, even though they worked while it was starting up. Anyways, i really want to fix this. The computer is fairly new and i have no idea to why this is even happening.
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  1. try run a diagnostic with your recovery disk.
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