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GTX 660 question - multiple displays+duplicate

March 14, 2013 2:28:34 PM

I was thinking of replacing my radeon 6850 with a gtx660 and had a question on display setups. Currently I run 2 monitors, one dvi, one displayport->dvi. Then I run a third through HDMI. The third one is a duplicate of the main display of the first two. Basically it just duplicates it for a tv for gaming.

I wanted to make sure I could run the same setup, hopefully without needing the dinky dp->dvi adapter. So 2 monitors extended, and then a third running as duplicate of the first

Ive tried googling around and have seen both answers popup so Im just trying to get a definitive one from somewhere

Also does anyone know if there are any sort of tearing issues with this kind of setup? Currently when running like this on the 6850 I have to assign one monitor as basically a master, either the paired/extended set, or the third hdmi one. Whichever one is set to master is fine, but the other one produces tearing during movies/games. So if I set the hdmi one to master then my duplicated setup has tearing, and vice versus.