first time build. a one second spin of the fans and then nothing after pressing the power button

new power supply. new motherboard. power supply has an 8 pin (4+4) cpu power connector but the motherboard has a single 4 pin 12v connector. I can plug in one of the 4+4 connectors but nothing for the other one. not sure if this could be causing my lack of power problem. Also the front panel connector pins on the new motherboard was different than the old case front panel connector. I traced all the wires and thought I had them on the right pins from the motherboard manual but I am not sure if the power button could be causing the system not to start. Any thoughts on these two issues?
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  1. what kind of motherboard and what kind of power supply?
  2. It looks like a short issue.
    Try starting the board outside the case. Unplug all front panel wires and start the board by shortly touching with a screwdriver the 2 pins corresponding to the power switch (check the manual for their position).
  3. robohazard said:
    what kind of motherboard and what kind of power supply?
    rocketfish 500w power supply. ASRock 960GM/U3S3 FX AMD FX 4100 CPU
  4. Yeah it sounds like a short to me also. Do what alexoiu said and take the motherboard out and try starting it outside of the case. It is definitely your motherboard or processor that is not working properly. I would start by RMAing the motherboard, then the processor. hopefully that will solve it.
  5. unless you have another motherboard you can stick the processor in.
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