gtx650ti good upgrade from a gts250?

pcpartpicker alerted me on a gtx650ti today, one dropped to $110 on newegg. This is the card: http://

You guys think for $110 this is a good deal? I'm currently on a gts250 512mb (the 65nm one) and I can't find much information on how these cards perform relative to each other anymore, neither have been run on the same benchmarks.

Also, to those who may suggest the 7770, the game I play most is GW2 and it seems that when an amd and nvidia card are in the same performance range, that game tends to favor nvidia.

Also, I play at 1920x1080.

TL;DR: Is a gtx650ti @110 a good upgrade from my gts250 (512mb version)?
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  1. Yes, it's a good deal for the price, and yes, the card is a good upgrade from a GTS 250, i would grab it before the price goes up.
    The 650 ti is superior in performance over the 7770 in most titles, it's not only gw2.
  2. thanks, i think im gonna get it. Plus i guess i could sell each $25 game code it comes with for $10, knocking the price down another 30. And could probably sell my gts250 for another $30 :) Think i'll do it!

    If anyone else has more input it would be appreciated
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