Best £100 card for Q6600 Core 2 Quad

Hi Everyone

I recently inherited a Desktop PC with a Core2quad (Q6600) and 8GB Ram, its an Asus p5b plus motherboard but the graphics card is very basic.. soo..

do you know if a HD 7850 will play nice with this processor/s I was either going to get one of those or a GTX 650TI as I read Nvidia are better for intel chipsets, but I want the best I can get for my budget of £100

Thank You for all your inputs

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  1. You can get either amd card or nvidia, the intel cpu won't benefit or prejudice one from another, i guess a 650 ti will do good, but if you can find a 7850 with the two games free, it's a good option to go with, your cpu is decent and won't bottleneck either of those.
    Just make sure that you have a decent psu within 450W.
  2. Hi Djangoringo

    Thanks, and that's an Amazing Answer, and totally was I hoping to hear, as for some reason the HD 7850 are quite a bit cheaper at times, I did keep an eye out for a 660 but at the moment theyre right over my budget.

    Thanks for the reply, I have a 450W PSU but im going to get a decent branded maybe a 650, 700W

  3. What's the model of your current psu ? You don't need 650 or 750W for it, a quality psu within 450-500W will do, look for brands like seasonic,xfx, antec, corsair, fsp, enermax, pc power and cooling.
    This might be useful to you :,2913.html

    And this :
  4. Hi

    I'm not sure the exact model.. there's no real information on it, and I think its german or something

    Thanks for the link, I will check them out now.. I was orginally saving for a fast pc, but got this sytem of a family member and someone said its already a half decent system etc, so just gonna upgrade wherever I can on this one for now, for as little as poss sort of thing instead.. but never really been a PC gamer, I figure I would be much more into it, if I had a card that was capable..:)
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