AMD Drivers keeps crashing in Windows-8


Ever since I installed Windows -8 Pro ( 64 bit ) on my Multi Monitor system, all my screens go black with following error message.

" AMD Drivers stopped Responding & has Recovered "

It happens so many times an hour that I had to stop using Windows -8 completely.
Even the worst thing is that if I have more than one hard drive & driver crashes, then on next reboot my system automatically starts disk checking which takes hours for a 3.0 GB slave HDD.
I never had this problem with Windows -7 using the same system.

My system configuration is as follows.

Dell T-7500 Workstation.

Intel Xeon E5645 2.4 GHz
AMD Fire Pro 2460 Video Cards ( 3 of them. Each supports 4 Monitors )
12 Dell 24 inch ( 1920x1200) Monitors

I downloaded AMD Drivers for workstation & FirePro 2460 Video card from following AMD Links.

AMD has not updated Drivers since December 2012.

I will appreciate any & all help.
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  1. Try reinstalling drivers with a clean installation
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