Laptop for movies and basic gaming, under $1000

I'm looking for a laptop that is somewhat portable (Doesn't have to be very)
15" , some gaming capabilities, i haven't played games in some time and don't play that much but would like to play stuff like Diablo3/stracraft2...

Also something that doesn't heat up to much and has some battery life.

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  1. The Y500 is on sale on the Lenovo site for $879.

    It has I7
    8GB ram
    GT650m GPU with 2GB
    1080 screen
    1 TB drive with 16GB ssd

    It has a ultrabay so you can buy a 2nd GPU if needed. Also on sale for $137

    One GPU plays most new games on med to ultra. the 2nd GPU will allow you to play all of the new games on high or ultra.

    Review and benchmarks
  2. yes, the Y500 rocks, there is also the Y580 with gtx660M for an alternative
  3. Thanks guys, I've ordered it off of Lenovo's site!
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