Case Fan upgrades!! help me choose

I am looking to replace my stock case fans with some high powered ones (preferably LED and if so red, green, or blue) my case is listed below:

I am looking to replace all fans in my case, and add some if able to, help me choose and check to see if I can add some :D Specs are in my sign, and my budget for each fan is $15-20.. Thanks Tom

Edit: I am putting in a h100i inside, so I dont think I can mount 2 more on the top because of the h100i.
So Im looking to replace the case fans..
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  1. I've heard really good things about Enermax T.B. Silence:

    I love their shape, they're really quiet and they have nice LEDs.

  2. I was thinking about getting these, would look nice, but not LED, still awesome fans!!

    Might even go with these..
    btw my case fans are hydraulic, does that mean that what I get has to be that?
  3. :P
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