If Haswell comes out, will the Ivy-bridge chips be cheaper?

What do you think guys? I don't know if IB will be cheaper because the SB i5 2600k was like the same price with the 3570k 3-5 months ago (i think)
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  1. i think it will be cheap as there will be less demand of ivy against of haswell
  2. Intels old chips never go down in price when a new generation is released so if they do it will be the 1st time.
  3. Do you think at june the IB will be much cheaper? I'm planning to buy a 3570k on may.
  4. may be around july-augest

    it is better to get i5 haswell
  5. Yeah, by $5.

    That's how much Sandy Bridge CPUs (specifically the i5-2500k) dropped when Ivy Bridge came out.
  6. jaguar is correct as is Simon. you wont see the kind of price drop that comes with AMD's chips.
  7. in real the i7 are just power so not too much cheaper i dont think so!
  8. I heard haswell will be 50% better than ib? Ds true? That means 8 wll cost more -_-
  9. ^10% faster at most. Intel is targeting efficiency over sheer power. There's an article here at tom's on their evaluation of a Haswell engineering sample. It was 10% faster than an ivy clock for clock if i remember correctly
  10. well hasswell is actually going to be the big deal!

    1=20-35% less power consumption
    2=the new 4770 and 4770k will offer more power with the same cores as 3770k!
    3=intel cant let us down!hasswell cpus will be difficult be compared with other products!
    will offer great oc!the only negative is that they come with new pins so a new socket so new motherboards!
  11. Ive read a lot of threads here and they say that haswell will consume more electricity bcuz its gona be a tock just like the SB. And broadwell will be a tick like IB. Ds true?
  12. of course not i have read all intel articles saying that the main purpose making hasswell would be less power consumption!who said that?
  13. I cant remember the article. But from what i see in my place, it will only drop for $5-15. The i5 3570k here is $250 dont think it will drop hugely anymore
  14. noobsaibot99 said:
    I heard haswell will be 50% better than ib? Ds true? That means 8 wll cost more -_-

    The CPU performance increase will likely only be 6% - 8%.

    However, the performance of the graphics core is a different matter. The Intel HD 4600 has 20 shaders vs 16 shaders in the Intel HD 4000. The estimated performance increase is 20%. That's for the desktop Haswells. But mobile Haswell CPUs will have either the Intel HD 4600 or the Intel HD 5000 graphic core; depending on which CPU you buy. I'm guessing for a mobile Core i3 you will get the Intel HD 4600, and for mobile Core i5/i7 you will get the Intel HD 5000. Again, that is just a guess.

    The Intel HD 5000 will have 40 shaders compared to just 20 shaders for the Intel HD 4600. I've read guesses about performance increase of anywhere from 50% to 100% over the current Intel HD 4000. This is a significant performance increase for a laptop. But for the desktop it is relatively minor since most people who plays games install a graphics card anyway. And as stated above, only mobile Haswell CPUs will have the Intel HD 5000.
  15. The price will drop by 10-15$ but's 10 bucks is hardly worth getting last gen hardware. Who's gonna get a 3570k just because it saves them 10 dollars?

    And I haven't read any articles stating this, but if intel makes HD5000 I see no reasonn they wouldn't put it in there desktop CPU's as a lot of people want an i5/i7 with a good iGPU. And this would be different from what they normally do as when HD4000 came out they put HD4000 in their desktop CPU's also.
  16. The Intel HD 5000 (GT3) is exclusive only to mobile CPUs as stated by Intel.

    The reasoning is actually logical because most people who play games on a desktop tends to buy a graphics card anyway. That is why desktop Haswell CPUs will be limited to the GT1 and GT2 (HD 4600) graphic cores. However, the vast majority of laptops cannot have the graphics card upgraded. Therefore having a stronger graphics core for the laptop makes sense as all inexpensive laptops have 1366x768 resolution screens. If actual performance increase over the Intel HD 4000 will be 100%, then I think that will make the Intel HD 5000 fall somewhere between the nVidia GT 625m and GT 630m. Great for an inexpensive solution on a laptop. Terrible for a desktop.
  17. Jag's right. Dirt 3 has been reviewed (rather observed) on GT3 and it compares to GT 630M
  18. That's actually a decent performance jump. A GT630m does still only score about a 1200 on 3DMark11. But HD4000 I think only scores around 500. So yeah, it's about 100% of an improvement. But to me, to really be able to game how you want, you need a GT650m, which is twice as powerful as a GT630m. My GT650m scores a 2600 in 3DMark11. It's overclocked but that's a really good score for a mobile graphics card. It even keeps up with some of the lower end desktop cards like the 7750 and GTX650.

    I am impressed with the GT3 but I would still want to go with a better card for 1920x1080 gaming personally. But maybe I'm wanting too much from an iGPU.
  19. If a intel representative is reading this, they are laughing madly. That never happens in fact you may even pay more as the 60 and 70 chipsets start to disappear.
  20. Price = Supply/Demand

    At first, there will likely be an oversupply as demand starts to decline due to the new chips, so short term, you can expect a price drop due to oversupply. As the chips move out of production though, supply will drop faster then demand (plenty of people will stick with the 1155 socket), so you can then expect a price hike (similar to Phenom II chips)
  21. Yea, Intel's chips never seem to go down short term though, check out the i7 2700k compared to the 3770k right now, very small difference. Very interesting. I'm building an i7 rig now and its funny to see that you could buy the 2700k for the same price as the 3770k, I wonder how many newer pc buyers mistakenly grab the 2700k hehe.
  22. hmm lets see...on a previous post you said you had one 8350 fx!and it was way better than the 3770k and now you say you are building one i7 based pc...hmmm nice!

    next time your opinion would be better be on true base facts or something like that!:no:
  23. Yes, I have multiple systems, just always preferred my AMD, I prefer the underdog. Are you attempting to troll? I also never said the 8350 was way better than the 3770k, just more practical if you are just gaming (It is clear to any reasonable tech that Intel is stronger core for core, doesn't make AMD inferior in anyway though, they build differently). Calm down. lulz
  24. simon12 said:
    Intels old chips never go down in price when a new generation is released so if they do it will be the 1st time.

    When Ivy Bridge was released, Sandy Bridge got cheaper. Only a tiny little bit though.
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