Combining two video cards.

Good afternoon,

I have been googling this problem for a while now, and opinions differ. Most times this question has been asked half the answers was "yes" the other half "no".

I really need some clarity. So my question is as follows:

I have a system that's almost a year old, it was pretty high end when I bought it, and it's still performing perfectly. I have only one problem with it: Due to circumstances I had to combine an crossfire-capable motherboard with an SLI-capable card. Still no problem, the graphics performance of this one card is enough for me, most games I play are pretty old anyways.


I'd love to have the option to add a third screen to my setup without having to replace my mobo or my current video card, it'd be nice to be able to open a few more documents at the same time, or keep an eye on chats in one screen while I work on the other two.

I am currently using an:

- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560

and I want to add my old:

- ATI Radeon Sapphire HD4850

I want to know if this is possible?

Note: This is purely to run a third screen, this third screen will not be used to play HD movies or play games on. I do not want any load-distribution between the two cards. I am definitely NOT trying to do anything with SLI or CrossFire. I just want to run an extra screen.

Note II: I am running windows 7 (64bit),
have 16Gb of RAM,
use an AMD Phenom II X6 (2.8 GHz),
and have the necessary slots free on my mobo.
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  1. yes you can use both the cards at the same time but you cannot team them together as sli or crossfire.
    both the cards will be independent of each other.
    you will be able to use the card for playing hd videos for least that much you can expect from that card :)
  2. Thanks for the response :) Will reply with how it turns out (for future googlers).
  3. Yeah but do keep in mind to install drivers for both the cards separately :)
    all the best
  4. Thank you very much for confirming which I hoped. With these two (pretty decent cards still) my three monitors work flawlessly.

    I've run into somewhat of a windows 7 problem though. I'm not sure if this has to do with corresponding drivers, but I find it very odd.

    I used to have my primary display, and a secondary display attached to the top right corner (I want to be able to snap windows to the side of my primary display, and I do not want to go off-screen when playing games and accidentally touching the side. I found that "accidentally" pushing my mouse through the top right corner doesn't happen very often (I know there are tools for this, but if they're not needed...)).

    Now the problem is, I want my third screen to be on the top left corner of my primary display, however windows 7 does not allow it. In the screen resolution setup page I can have one screen attached to a corner, and another to the opposing corner of my primary display, however any other corner and screens 2 and 3 snap together.

    (img tag doesn't seem to work)

    Has anyone experienced this before, or should I make a new post about this?
  5. this limitation is due to nvidia cards...they have never been anywhere close to amd regarding multi monitors.

    however in your case you would not be able to do much about it since you are using different cards so your 3rd display will be totally independent of the other 2.
    you might find some 3rd party softwares that might allow you to do so.
    Google desktop managers and you should be able to find a few :)
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