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I had the wrong number motherboard. It is a ASUS p877z-v and the CPU is the Intel i5-3570k both brand new. The mb has built in graphics and sound so I don't know why it would hang on the VGA? I went over everything several times and can't find anything wrong. I was going to clear the cmos but I'm hesitant to do that if something else is wrong.
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  1. Hi,
    Hang on the VGA? Can you detail it?
    If you start the board outside the case (on its box) is it the same?
  2. Don't clear the cmos, that is only as a last resort. It can be difficult to reset the bios to your specifications especially if you can't remember whether you use AHCI or IDE mode for the hdd.

    If it hangs on the onbvoard vga, it could be a recent bios update or a reent driver update. You have to check the manufacturer website for the specific driver manufacturer of the onboard vga.

    Assuming your OS is Winows 7 x64 (you can choose your Os from the dowload tab at the site -

    Intel(R) Graphics Accelerator Driver V8.15.10.2712 for Windows 7 32bit & 64bit.
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