P8Z77-V: No FRONT sound, but rear works fine

I've searched for hours attempting to fix this problem. Every thread with sound issues is either because they have no rear sound, or no sound at all.

I have rear sound, but no front sound. I'm at a loss.

I've installed the latest drivers from both realtek and asus support page for mb.



I'm running:

Win 7 ultimate 64 bit
i5 3570k

Appreciate any advice. I'm thinking of just getting a cheap soundcard. I've had similar problems with realtek and win 7 in the past.
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  1. Hi, Try setting in BIOS the front panel type to AC 97.
  2. Sorry, to clarify, when I say front speakers, I don't mean front jacks. I mean the two front speakers in a 5.1 setup.
  3. I see. Even in games you don't get surround sound?
  4. No. The 2 front speakers just will not work. Rear, center, sub work fine.

    I'm thinking is dodgy socket for front speakers on back of motherboard.
  5. If you swap the front speakers jack with the back speakers jack, do the front sp. work?
  6. Yep, then they work. Damn. Must be faulty socket. Ugh.
  7. Then yes, most probably a faulty socket. There's a registry hack that allows you to change the audio ports destination. Just google for it. Change the mic or line in.
  8. Thanks! Think I might have sorted it with your help. :)
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