Hello everyone, I just thought I would add a thread to help out those looking at 8350s. Basically fast ram= fast FX

My new system is:
AMD FX-8350
Corsair Hydro Series H100i
Patriot Viper 3 Series, Black Mamba Edition DDR3 16GB 2133 (11-11-11-30)
HIS Radeon HD 7950 3GB
Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z
Corsair Enthusiast Series TX650M
Samsung 840 Pro128GB
Corsair Obsidian Series 550D

I initially had corsair 1866 ram that would not bumb up to 1866 no matter what I did (a common issue)

I switched to the patriot ram listed above and benched it at the native 1600 then overclocked to the advertised 2133, (manually changed timing). Not an issue and really good gains, everything is smooth as butter, CS6 and multitasking run crazy smooth.
Firestrike physics score went from an average 7500-7700 to 8050-8150, no overclock. I have not OC'd the CPU as of yet, but fast ram really brings out these CPU's. Just a heads up.
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  1. Hm would it be too much trouble if I asked for screenshots or something? That'd be nice to show others if true.
  2. I've found that to be the case with Corsair RAM. They favor Intel so much that they don't work as well with AMD. Crucial also seems to work pretty well. Thanks for posting this! I can help my friend make his decision on his RAM for his new AMD system.

    Also, what are your timings at?
  3. 11-11-11-30
  4. You may be right grip, because my amd FX8350 have trouble with corsair dominator 2gbx4 RAM 1600, at BIOS it read 1333 even already update BIOS to R2.00, use turbo core runs OC 4,3ghz with OC RAM 1399 for few minute get halt & sometimes blue screen.. my previous desktop use intel QuadCore Q9400 work pretty well use corsair 2gbx4 RAM 1333, it easy run OC 3,2ghz from standar 2,67ghz smoothly & just fine, with standart RAM 1333..
    spec new build AMD FX8350:
    Proc : AMD FX8350
    mobo : Asrock 990FX Extreme 4
    Memory : Corsair Dominator 2gbx4 1600
    PSU : Corsair TX 650W
    CPU Cooler : COrsair H110
    Case : Corsair Carbide 500R
    Case fan : Corsair AF140
    VGA : Saphire HD7870 XT 2gb
    HDD : Corsair Neutron GTX 120gb SSD(boot drive) + 1TBb WD Black 7200rpm Sata3
    OS : Win 7 Ult 64
  5. Well I have a AMD setup and i find that G.Skill works great no problems and they have some of the best support. I'm running 2x4 gigs sniper 2133 (09-11-10) and it runs flawlessly. Link
    Hope this helps. remember the lower the cas the better
  6. Yes, FX chips benefit from faster RAM. Next are gaming gains on a bulldozer chip

    And differences would be larger when the chip is overclocked, because the faster ram can fed the beast :-)
  7. Long time since I answered, I have my machine fine tuned. My Ram is Patriot black mamba 2133 at 2196 from over clock slightly and overvolted to bring down timing to 10-11-10-27 at 1.55v. CPU at 4.56 at 1.395 v with cool and quiet on.
  8. I'm going to be picking some fast ram here soon. Makes me happy to know you got it to run at that speed :)
  9. adding a little volts to the memory is necessary to get the timings down, but that is not a must. In my opinion adding a little more V to good ram is harmless.
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