[SOLD] OCZ Vertex2 60GB 2.5" SSD OCZSSD2-2VTXE60G asking $45 shipped OBO

SOLD FOR $45 Thank you for all the offers!

I outgrew this 60GB (56GB in reality) SSD and recently upgraded to a new Samsung SSD. This has served me well and was still fast as hell for me, my Windows 7 Pro booted up in less than18 seconds. It comes with the mounting bracket, screws, original box (minus upc label that was used for mail-in rebate), and all original box contents/packing. It was purchased from Newegg on 9/12/2010. The warranty is still good till 9/12/2013.

According to CrystalDiskInfo for the lifetime of this drive: 9.25TB total host reads and 3.31TB total host writes. No errors, 100% Good rating.

I'm looking to get $40 USD plus $5 for shipping USPS Priority shipping.
US destinations only, I won't be selling internationally. Feel free to leave an offer.

Payments accepted through PayPal.

Here are some information screens for this drive:

I guarantee this not to be DOA for 14 days after you receive it or your money back (buyer would have to cover returning item to me). That gives you enough time to test it out.

This is a brand new Tom's forum account. I came here after getting prompted by eBay last night to sign up for their Buyer Protection Plan (apparently I had listed one item too many and it triggered the !@#$ing plan). I have 80 transactions on my eBay account over 14 years, no problems whatsoever, so this caught me off guard. I'm tired of eBay.

If you have any questions, please post in this thread.
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  1. Feel free to post an offer.
  2. ill do 35 shipped
  3. NickPants said:
    ill do 35 shipped

    Let me think that over.
  4. moovius said:
    NickPants said:
    ill do 35 shipped

    Let me think that over.

    no problem
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