Best Graphics card under $80?

I was just wondering what the best graphics card under 80 dollars might be, and if a graphics card performs close to the same and is significantly cheaper, that would be awesome.
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  1. The best you can get under $80 right now would probably be a Nvidia gt 640, or a radeon 6670 with gddr5 memory. The 640 will probably be under $80 after rebate.
  2. would the 640 have ddr5 as well? any specific suggestions?
  3. The gt640 does not have a ddr5 version. Only the oem versions have ddr5. I would suggest any hd 6670 ddr5. Personally I use a sapphire hd 6670 ddr5 and I am content with its performance.(runs fc3 on high at 1366x768)
  4. I have seen 640's with ddr5 for sale on ebay, but it's pretty rare.
  5. k thanks
  6. go with hd 7750 @ $89 only much much better than hd 6670 or grab hd 6670 ddr5 over gt 640
  7. Yeah I'm going for the HIS 7750 2GB Thanks
  8. jerodpaul said:
    Yeah I'm going for the HIS 7750 2GB Thanks

    hey no 2gb it is ddr3 one.i suggest get hd 7750 1gb ddr5
  9. what would the difference between the DDR3 and the DDR5 be, is it a huge difference, cause if not I'm saving 10 bucks with the rebate on the DDR3
  10. Drr5 is much faster, it will give you better picture quality and higher frame rates. It's worth the extra money.
  11. ok thanks
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