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I'm building a new pc, and I am looking for a processor and graphic card in the first place. I was thinking about the amd apu a8 5600k, which has an incomporated gpu. Which can crossfire with a amd hd radeon 6670 1gb ddr5 graphic card. I've seen reviews that it gives very good performance on every game atm even on max quality.

But I heared that amd hd radeon 7850's can be really good. Maybe I can push my budget for that, however I'm not sure if it's worth, I read somewhere that apu's can't be very good with a very good video card, not to mention the waste of money of a cpu with gpu (which I clearly don't need with the 7850). But I found this review on youtube http://. It shows that the a8 can be a lot better with 7850.

amd apu a8 5600k + amd radeon hd 6770
amd apu a8 5600k + amd radeon hd 7850
another cpu + amd radeon hd 7850

Please give me some clue here, my budget is not very high, let's say max 400$ (processor + graphic card).
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  1. If you're going to get a discrete graphics card, forget going with an AMD APU. With a $400 budget, you could get an Intel CoreI3-3225 Ivy Bridge processor and a Sapphire Radeon HD7870.

    -Wolf sends
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