i feel my cpu is damaged ?

Hi. i upgrade my cpu from dual core e5300 to I3-3220 and i think my cpu is damaged, i mean i'm no see that diffrent bittwen dual core e5300 and i3 that much..

and i see my cpu temperature in hwmonitor is not normaly coz that temp change fast from 30 to 40 to 45 to 30 in idle !! why ? maybe my psu is damaged ?

is my cpu damaged or that temp changed fast are normal ?

sorry for my english i hope you understand me
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  1. You won't normally see any difference between them for normal tasks such as web browsing, and music/video playback. Only heavy stuff such as encoding etc should be around 40% faster.

    Your CPU is NOT damaged. A CPU works like a switch, either it works, or it doesn't. There is no such thing as a half working CPU.

    Your temperatures are also completely normal. When the CPU is idle, it will reduce its clock speed and voltage, so it draws much less power, and stays at a cool 30C. However, under full load, it will draw more power and heat up, but anything under 70C is perfectly fine. Your CPU will only get damaged at 100C or higher. But before that happens, today's CPU's will shut themselves down to prevent any damage. :)
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