blue screen problem!

hi ,
the first time i saw the bluescreen is when i ran far cry 3 , i was getting a message about memory error and pc restart itself cant do anything after that , my pc didnt work , i tried to fix it the problem was the memory slot changed the memory place and worked , i ran memtest+
and didnt see any error
this is the bluescreen code : coming with dumping memory : 0x000000f4 (0x00000000000000003, 0xfffffa8005361b30,0xfffffa8005361e10,0xfffff800031df470)

i dont think its from the memory because i overclocked my greenhdd by turning off the sleep time
and also when the problem come my disk is 99% used , and when i turn on the pc , i hear noise from the hdd needle

so i have 3 parts i dont think where is the problem , what to change , i can change only one so
1- new motherboard (because maybe from the memory slot) (i dont really think its from it)
2- new ram (because of the dumping and memory error messages )
3- or a new hdd ( because its used 99% and because i turned off the idle time )

so i want one to tell me where the problem from to change the part :sarcastic:
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  1. pc specs :
    cpu : i7 2600k
    ram: 1x4gb 1366
    gpu : gtx 550 ti
    hdd: green wd
    motherboard : gigabyte h61m-usb3-b3
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