Does anyone have the Diamond HD 7850 2GB? If so, how loud is during gaming?

Hey, Mike2012 here. I got an MSI R7770 for $120+tax at my local Microcenter. It performs well, but the fans are waaaay to loud during gaming. This isn't even during BF3, this is during games like Mass Effect 2 and Civilization V. So I'm going to try to return it, get the money back and save up for an HD 7850.

Now, I was looking at the Diamond HD 7850, but does anyone have this? And how loud does it getting during an intense gaming session like BF3? I'm asking, because I'm looking at a card, whose fans don't go above 45% during the most intense gaming session and stays below 70c.
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  1. about the noise you need to look at what kind of cooler being use. blower style cooler tend to be louder but the advantage is it does not dump the heat back into the case. other than that it depends on the fan being use (for example XFX double D does not use blower style cooler but some user reporting that the fan can be loud when the fan starts going faster). you should go look after various review of 7850 with custom cooler and try to find about the card's fan noise when the gpu under full load
  2. How can you tell if it's a blow-style cooler or not though? My main problem is that I can actually hear the fans during gaming. Now, I have an old Gigabyte HD 7750, where I would never actually notice the fans during a gaming session, even during BF3. However, on my MSI R7770, the fans hit 50% to 60% during normal gaming sessions, which is not acceptable.

    So which brands would be the best for that? I basically want to know what brands have cool cards that are quiet during gaming.
  3. usually amd and nvidia use blower style cooler for their high end cards. they look like this (look at the top picture):

    the fan at the end of the card sucks the air in and blow the hot air from the back of the card.

    personally i never use MSI cards so i can't say about the noise though they were highly praise for their Twin Frozr cooler for being cool and quiet.
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