Any thoughts on my build (Dont give me completely different builds)

Just tell me what you guys think, dont give me big lists of parts... jsut tell me what is good and isnt, and try to make it simple :P
Sorry i forgot it....
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More about thoughts build dont give completely builds
  1. Where's....the build?
  2. realchaos said:
    Where's....the build?

    Added it
  3. You actually seem to know what you're doing for the most part. The psu brand isn't that good, switched it out for a better one:
    It might have lower watts, but the manufacturer is more reliable and therefore it won't kill your system.
    I would suggest a better 7970. If you can up the budget by $50, you could grab the best 7970: the Sapphire Vapor-X 7970 Ghz edition:
    Otherwise, here's some regular 7970 at the same price as your xfx one:
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