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I own a HP Pavilion g6-1189sa and have recently decided to do a couple of upgrades to it. I have already upgraded the RAM from 4gb to 8gb but am now looking at upgrading the processor. Looking at the chipset information, this laptop has a mobile intel hm55 chipset, the intel i5-560m would be a viable replacement. Using this website: http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Core_i3/Intel-Core%20i3%20Mobile%20I3-370M%20CP80617004119AL.html I have found that it is the right style, has the right TDP, the right socket, and should theorically work. Also wouldn't need to replace the fan to be able to cope with temperatures, I'm not one to let the fan dust up anyway, I give it a blast of air every couple of weeks and only use my laptop on hard surfaces.

So what I really want from this post is someone more knowledgable than myself at this to give me a little bit of guidance about whether this is the right CPU to buy based on my laptop's set up. I know I could use the i5-580m and achieve a slightly faster boosted speed, but going by price, the 560 being about half the price of the 580, so I'm looking at the 560. What else would I need to do to the laptop when doing this upgrade. I understand that I would need to flash the BIOS, HP have released a flashed BIOS for my laptop, which I have currently hesitated in installing incase I do this upgrade. How would I go about changing the set up to running the new processor instead of the old i3?

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  1. Here is a link (direct pdf) http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c02834221.pdf to your maintenance and service guide which seems to be a little incomplete in the list of CPU's supported (Page 1 Product Description, the i3-370M isn't listed at all) - I might suggest posting in the HP forum but I didn't get too far researching there personally
  2. Yeah I've had the same progress as you, I looked at that manual and found very little help, it just tells me how to take the laptop apart, none of the important information that you need. I'll try the HP forums, thanks for your input.
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