Periodic Frame Rate Drops in Games

I've been having problems with my frame rate dropping drastically in multiple games. It always drops to around 5 fps during the game. This has been happening for a month or so and it wasnt that bad until i started playing newer released games. Like diablo 3 and starcraft 2, older titles run without problems.

Starcraft 2 - In the single player around every 10 mins the frames drop to 5fps and after 20 seconds or so it goes back to 60+. Even when no units are on screen. I tried lowering the graphics far below the suggested ultra but the problem persists. And in the Multiplayer i will have short freezes (around 1 sec pauses) every 5 seconds. It even crashed multiple times in the past week for a graphics card DXL failure.

Diablo 3 - Pretty much same problem, every 10 mins the frames plummet to low levels and makes it unplayable. Changing the monitor resolution helped and the drops were not as frequent, but i don't want to change it any lower.

Medieval 2 total war - same problem, i only play offline and every half an hour it gets all choppy.

I also noticed Some games like World of Warcraft, Battlefield 2, Battlefield Bad company, Civilization 5, and Bio shock 2 all run perfectly fine without any problems.
My computer has been crashing at least once every 2 weeks for a video card failure. During games and just browsing the internet.
I monitored my cpu/ram usage during the drops and they both never went above the normal usage.

Defragmenting hard drives
Updated graphics card drivers
ran virus scan, no viruses
ran Dxl diagnostics on graphics card, no problems
I checked firewall just in case if it was blocking a publisher's game, it wasn't
I cleaned out unneeded background processes while i was playing

I was told that graphics cards usually dont last that long and mine has been in constant use for about 5-6 years. Could it be possible that it is going bad? I had multiple computer crashes because of the card failure. I also did recently install a new motherboard, a cpu and windows 8 2 months before the problem started.

Windows 8 64 bit
GeForce 9800 GT
AMD Phenom II X6 1045t Processor 3.2 ghz
8 gb of ram

I don't think it is my Internet either, I can log on World of Warcraft and my latency is fine, and on Diablo 3 my latency was always 60ms during the frame rate drops. I'd appreciate any help on this, its has been frustrating to have to pause and wait every time the fps drops.
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  1. Have you checked what CPU & GPU temps you reach and what the GPU usage is at? I suspect most likely the graphics card is overheating.
  2. simon12 said:
    Have you checked what CPU & GPU temps you reach and what the GPU usage is at? I suspect most likely the graphics card is overheating.

    It very well could be that, 80*C idling and 115*C during a game, even going over 120, which is crashing point. I cleaned out dust about 2 months ago, but i still use a default case and my sound card takes up a lot of breathing room near my grahpics card. I'll clean it and test it out.
  3. Downloaded 2 freeware Temp monitors, both said that the temp climbed to 130*C, which is scary, and after i cleaned it out, there was no change. I made sure i got most of the dust out between the card's fan and let it cool. Right now its idling at 80. Im going to assume i would probably need a new case then? I am still using a stock one. I think its weird that it would do it now all of a sudden though.
  4. I thought my old 4870 ran hot hitting 95C at full load over 100C is way to hot. You could get a replacement cooling system for it ie. Arctic cooling accelero twin turbo but the card is dated now even a Radeon 7750 would be a good upgrade but a 7850 or better would let you play games on high-ultra settings.
  5. Everything runs fine now :)

    I cleaned out as much dust as i could from the card. Should keep it below 90* while playing games. And I ordered a fan as well which should keep it nicer. And as far as upgrading goes, getting a new graphics card would lead to me needing a new mobo and even a bigger computer case. Mine is to small for the mobo id like. Im going to try to get as much use out of the current gpu as i can, hopefully until it totally dies on me.

    Thanks for the help!
  6. Glad you found a solution, wht would you need a new motherboard to upgrade the GPU?
  7. simon12 said:
    Glad you found a solution, wht would you need a new motherboard to upgrade the GPU?

    Hey simon , would you mind checking out my post

    I'm basically having the same problem , except that my temps are fine.
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