I fitted my CPU cooler upside down, thermal paste question

NOT that kind of upside down. Anyway, I had to remove the cooler and put it again. Brand new, I had also applied this single drop of thermal paste over the cpu, but anyway like I said I had to remove it, I saw that little tree pattern over the CPU.

My question is: should I clean off the thermal paste from the cpu and also the pre-applied thermal paste on the cooler now that I had to remove it or it is no big deal?

CPU is an A8 3870k, not that this is relevant, and I don't plan to overclock it anytime soon so I won't be pushing it either.
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  1. yes i reality youshoud, but if you need to turn it on to order the paste, it would probably be fine for a few hours.

    i would not recomend it tho.
  2. Damn, might as well have left it how it was. Removed it, cleaned it, a lot. Applied thermal past, one pea sized drop on the middle, pressed cooler down as evenly as possible. Now I'm getting 63°C, idle, when before I was at 50. This is like having no thermal paste at all, how the hell?!

    This is the temperature the mobo's giving me (a55m hvs, asrock) and the CPU is an a8 3870k, is this normal? Not overclocking or anything.
  3. nah deffo not normal. try(aslong as u gt enough paste) re doing it, and see if the paste really spreaded well. which thermal paste r u using?
  4. also, with that cpu, you should probs get a aftermarket cooler, like the amazing noctua NH-D14
  5. I'm using some bullcrap paste because I couldn't find anything anywhere that wasn't crappy stuff. Sure sucks, should've never used any paste and just went for the manufacturer's as that was obviously better than the gunk I have sitting here.

    Anyway later I checked a series of tests done on some pastes, including the one I have, it wielded similar results BUT on an i7 and with an aftermarket cooler, so I really don't know if it is comparable.

    Does anybody know if, for some crazy reason, during bios setup the CPU would be under load? I mean, doesn't seem the kind of thing that'd put any pressure on it but still, maybe it is because 60 somethings is just so much.
  6. it wouldnt be under load, but it may not have some of the thermal optimisation drivers, but you could try some other paste. sounds weird tho. even with the stock cooler on mah i3 i as only reading 37c in the bios so dunno :)
  7. Disclaimer: I live in a hot and moist place, here we're at 26-30ºC. I think I should've informed room temperatue from the start.
  8. ahh well here were at like only 16/18deg room temp :)
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