Need help changing drive letters after cloning

I recently cloned a 750gb hard drive to a 2tb drive using Easeus Todo Backup Software. Both drives boot up fine. But now my old smaller drive is the C drive and I want to change the 2tb to my C drive instead. After that I want to format the 750gb so I can have even more space. So if anyone can please help me, that would be great. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. In your motherboard's BIOS set your 2TB drive as your 1st boot device.
    When you do that and boot into Windows with your 2TB drive, Windows will automatically change your other drive to another letter.

    From that point just go into Windows Disk Management, Quick format your old drive, and assign it to another drive letter (if you don't like the letter Windows assigned it).
    It will then be empty and ready to use.
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