Cougar Intros New Line-up of LED Fans with Hydraulic Bearing

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  1. Cougar makes good fans. I've been slowly switching my 120mm and 140mm case fans to these as they do a good job of moving a lot of air and have a nice pressure change over the fan and quiet at the same time.
  2. Got some AC case fans they use FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing), isn't Hydraulic Bearing just another name or it's totally different?
  3. Red, Blue, and Green. Done to death.
  4. Look interesting, will check them out.
  5. for a second I read black as black LED and then I thought what?

    more on topic I have one of their PSUs (1000watt) and its fan is very quiet
  6. It's already on newegg... for a while too...
  7. Mounted 2 of the green version in my new build.
  8. I have 2 of these in the front of my antec p280 and believe me they are a lot quieter than I thought they'd be! I used to have Corsair air series fans that run at 30dba and whew 2 of those suckers were like a jet engine. I still worry if my computer is turned on with these fans in there.
  9. Quote:
    we still do not know if the fan's price matches its performance

    Newegg has them for $20.

    ...I wonder how they compare to Noctua's fans.
  10. Yay. lubed cougars :-O.
  11. afrobaconNewegg has them for $20....I wonder how they compare to Noctua's fans.

    $20?!! For that money I'd rather get some Sanyo Denki fans, the best fans on the market.
  12. those look cool!
  13. These fans have been around for almost a year, it's just that Cougar only recently publicized it by a video. These are basically cougar's budget mass-market fans, they don't perform anywhere near as good as their Vortex series.
  14. $20 for a case fan, is pretty damn expensive. I think I paid around $45 for the 4 Xigmatek Green LED fans I'm using. At $20 a piece, I'd be using $80 worth of fans....hardly "budget" there.
  15. I love them cougars.
  16. I find LEDs To be quite functional on case fans. Gives me a graphic indicator on to being time to clean my intake filters. I have a few of the original Cougar fans on my radiator and they work quite well. Might get 3 of these for intake on my M8.
  17. Hopefully, they're PWM. Gigabyte stopped supporting 3-pin voltage controlled fans on their newer motherboards :-P
  18. thillntnYay. lubed cougars :-O.
    My kind of fan :)
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