willing to trade 3570k+cash/items for 3770k 2700k 2600k

title says it all. i have a brand new 3570k that overclocks well. i just want an i7.

for 3770k i will offer 50 cash
for 2700k 25 cash
and flat trade for 2600k
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  1. Bump it up.
  2. I am interested. I have a 2600k that is stable at 4.6 GHz, though I have never tried to push it higher. How do you know the 3570k OCs well if its new though?
  3. Unfortunately, i don't have the 3570k anymore... I DO have $200 in which i am willing to buy your 2600k with...
  4. I would be willing to trade for the amazon price of 220. I would use Paypal and ship quickly since I live next to a ups store.
  5. Unfortunately, i only have $200 in my paypal. Now, i really need this CPU so i see 2 options.

    1) you send me an invoice for $220. $200 due now and $20 due in a couple weeks
    2) i send you $200 on paypal and a 20 in an envelope in the mail

    I need a cooler for this thing, stock is fine. do you have one?
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