Akamai Netsession re-allowes its self to run after boot up

im having a major problem right now , i keep unticking akamai as i dont want it to start up on boot , however EVERY time its always there and have to manually shut it down, ive tried to go into services and look for the dam thing but NOPE its not there , anyone know how i can get this annoying program to be set to manual so it does not start up

ive went into msconfig around 3 times with 3 restarts to see if i can fix the problem but it just re-ticks its self after every boot

i need the program causes stupid ariea games needs it and uses it for their games if i uninstall it , it will just reinstall it with i launch a game of theirs

so recap , msconfig is not working when im unticking it to say not start up and boot

i looked at services and akamai net session is no existent there
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  1. MSCONFIG is only to be used for troubleshooting tasks (eg temporarily disabling something for testing purposes).

    For permanently disabling or deleting a startup item, use "Ccleaner": http://www.filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/
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