First time gaming PC BUILD! Around 2000~ budget IS MY BUILD GOOD?

Hey guys and gals, looking to make my first pc!
Wondering if these parts would be a good decision, if im missing something, i need something, or I should change something. Also, any good guides?
PS I'm getting the GPU, SSD, and processor for quite cheap so i'm probably not changing that.

CPU: Intel Core i7-3930K
Motherboard: ASUS P9X79 Intel X79 Motherboard
Video Card: MSI gtx 680
Memory: Corsair 2X 4GB ($64.99)
SSD (Primary Storage):Kingston 480gb SSD3 Hyper 3k
Hard Drive (Secondary Storage): Seagate barracuda 1tb
Optical Drive: Liteon internal dvd writer
Power Supply: Sparkle SCC-850AF Gold Series Modular Power Supply - 850 Watts
Case: Azza CSAZ-1000 Solano 1000

iS This a good choice?
am i missing wires or something?
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  1. LGA 2011 build needs 4 channel ram. could be 4x 4GB ddr3 (buy in one kit)
  2. bump
  3. Everything is good except for a few things.

    - Get 4 Channel RAM. That's 4 sticks of RAM.
    - I suggest this PSU:

    - I also suggest the 650D.
    - Finally, get the 7950 or the 670, not the 680.
  4. Try getting a GTX770, or IF your budget allows it, maybe even a GTX780, if your going to play Graphicaly demanding games, if not get a 670 or a 7870.
  5. check this one
    maybe you can change the i5 core to i7 4770k since you do not buy a monitor or speakers
    you might also want a better power supply so try a 850w one
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