Desperately in need of computer help

Processor: Intel Core i7-930
GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 480 (015-P3-1480-AR)
OS: Windows 7

My issue:
I have had problems for a long time with this computer, even though it is just over two years old. Home built.

At random points during usage, the computer black screen's and resets. It has done this for a while, and does it more often at some points than it does at others. At times, it will run perfectly for days straight with no problems. Then suddenly, it will black screen and will continue to black screen a few minutes into use. I have checked the temperatures on both the GPU and CPU, neither showing any problematic signs.

Recently, I have even had the issue of the display not showing even on a fresh start up, after hours of not being used. The best way I have found to get an image is by shutting off the power supply completely and letting the lights on the mb turn off. Then a few minutes later, I come back and turn on the computer. What has also helped is moving the graphics hard to a different PCI-e slot on the motherboard and then turning it on, though this doesn't always help, and no one slot on the board is a perfect fix.

The crashes do seem to happen much quicker when I enter graphic-intensive activities such as movies or games, but as I said, the temperatures never reach excessive heights.

Just for reference, I RMA'd the power supply around a year and a half ago after I heard it 'pop,' smelled a burning smell, and no longer could turn on my computer.
I also had the graphics hard replaced, hoping it would fix the problems above. While it seemed to help, the issues were still there and the improvement may have been wishful thinking.

I have tested the ram, showing no problems. I have tried using a spare graphics card, and it showed no issues, but the card was MUCH smaller than the main power-hungry 480. A fresh install of windows (including a fresh install and update of all drivers) and a wipe of the bios have bare no fruit in fixing the issue.

The Quesion:
I'd like to know anything I can do to fix this, but I have narrowed it down to the motherboard, graphics card, and power supply. Is there a way to be sure which one of these is causing the problems, or could I be off completely in my thoughts?

ps: Sorry for posting such a wall of text, I just wanted to get everything out there. I have struggled for a long time and wanted to give all info I could.
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  1. I'd heavily suggest checking the sticker on the side of your power supply. If you are getting sparks and pops I'm guessing it has nothing to do with the wattage output but the amperage and voltages aren't matching what your GPU requires. If that is the case I would heavily suggest looking at completely replacing your power supply.
  2. I'm not hearing the pops and stuff anymore, that was just a one-time thing when the first power supply failed.
    With that in mind, do you say it's the power supply? I have the money for replacement parts, but I don't want to replace something that doesnt need to be replaced at the moment.
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