No Boot - No LED, Running fans which cannot be turned off [homebuilt]

I am trying to put together an HTPC with the following components
1. Case Cooler Master Elite 120
2. Power supply Antec Neo Eco 450C
3. CPU AMD A8-5600K APU
4. Motherboard MSI FM2-A75IA-E53
5. RAM Patriot Memory Viper 3 Series PV38G186C9KRD
+ HDD, Keyboard etc

I am breadboarding this for a few days, and basically get no post. I have since then
1. Tried add a PC speaker - no beeps of any kind
2. Tried a new PSU - Mk III Series 600W - Same result
3. Tried a new CPU - A8-3870k - Same result

All components are less than 10 days old.

I have followed every thread i could find on Toms Hardware and other sites, none of which have worked (including the sticky checklist on the forums)
1. CMOS Reset, battery reset
2. RAM, one stick at a time, different slots, etc
3. Verified that the 4 Pin connector was connected
4. Connected the SYSFAn as well as CPU Fan

At this point, I am stuck (not to mention, tons of duplicate stuff, which I can hopefully return!).

Only smoking GUN is that PV38G186C9KRD does not appear in the list of verified memory modules by MSI for my motherboard (

Any help/pointers would be sincerely appreciated!
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  1. Should also mention that I tried another motherboard as well (Biostar USA AMD FM1 Socket, A55 Chipset), which didnt work either. This was the first motherboard I tried. Unless this board led to a fried CPU and RAM, I am not sure whats happening!
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