Weird problem with cpu cooler or mobo

I switched the processor cooler a while ago, and i realized that the same keeps happening (but i now have a watercooler , the corsair h50) The power from the pump of the h50 sometimes didnt even started, and when the PC is most stressed, the cooler dosnt even realizes that after the next shutdown (after a crash / blue screen ) I got a AMD Phenom II x4 Black edition.
I switched the stock cooler since it didnt work well, and the first times i used my H50 it worked great, but now it dosnt even work and i had to go back to the stock one which is terrible.

I see the common factor in this problem the Motherboard, its an Asus one
Do you guys know how to fix this? I think that the problem should be in the motherboard configuration or something, but already tried to do some tweaks and it didnt work, but maybe you can advice me better.
I also had to down-clock the CPU so it could run smoothly. Its weird what its happening, also i can perfectly detect the temperatures for the CPU.
So, resuming all of this, i switched coolers, applied thermal paste correctly both times, and at first with the H50 it worked but it started showing signs of overheating (RPMs not going up and pump not working sometimes) the same that i detected in the stock cooler.

I would love some help over here, im really triying.
Thanks a lot .
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  1. Not sure but according my experience, maybe your phased Vrms are having problems. Do the Vrms have heatsinks? Btw, if you are not sure whether the H50 is running, just touch and hold the pipes from the CPU out pipe. You can sense it as coolant flows through. Otherwise, is the PSU problem. Does your PSU supports your configuration in terms in wattage? Also, it is a new built?
  2. No, the build has a year and a half or so. The thing is, i didnt feel them flow. I have a 600w CoolerMaster PSU, a single Radeon 6950 and the AMD Processor Phenom IIx4 Black as i said.
    What exactly do you mean when you say Vrms?
  3. When you install your cpu, did you noticed that there are organized capacitors and blacked square and slightly tall MOS who located on left and upper side of the socket? Those blacked square MOS are Vrms or buckler-boost convertor in electronics or voltage regulators. They are responsible for CPU Vcc Voltage. In normal cases, there are some heatsinks which helps the Vrms to release heat. Budget wise board or lower end boards doesn't not have heatsinks. Thus, can't support o/c on high end cpu models. Unless the H50 it's pump got problem, or Vrms problem. Can you provide your mobo model and which Phenom II X4 Black Edition model?
  4. Sure, my mobo is an ASUS M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 with 0 overclocking on it. Same goes for the Phenom II x4 955
  5. From the support list, its sounds ok. PSU shouldn't be a problem for 100% full loading. Have you test the H50 on other platforms like secondary setup or friend's setup?
  6. Technoart said:
    From the support list, its sounds ok. PSU shouldn't be a problem for 100% full loading. Have you test the H50 on other platforms like secondary setup or friend's setup?

    Nope, there is nowhere i cant test it .
    But the main thing is, i dont think the h50 is the problem since the main factor in this problem is the mobo/cpu. The coolers are fine, and even if the stock cooler is not that good, it shares the same problem with the corsair watercooler, it dosnt know when to run faster. Now, i know the temps are being shown fine, but i still dont know where exactly the problem is. For my understanding, it should be somewhere in the motherboard (i turned off all of the motherboard's overclocking and Cool n' Quiet settings) .
    Anyway, i can note sometimes that the CPU Cooler runs faster, i.e after a reboot and crash, seems like when it starts up, realizes the cpu was burning.
    Now im triying to set up speedfan, so i can set up the RPMs for the CPU to run faster, its kinda hard to do it on SpeedFan, or atleast i cant seem to figure out how to change the cooler speed to a 100%..
    Anyway, thanks for the help.. complex stuff here, i think.
  7. my problem is pretty much like this one . The main difference is that im not overclocking, in fact im underclocking since this is sick, i cant handle it anymore and i dont know what to do. Already bought a corsair watercooler that dosnt work and neither does the stock one. The CPU is fine, the power supply is fine, this is just a pain in the ass.
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