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I just purchased a second monitor and am noticing some degradation in performance with my current setup, so am thinking of purchasing a new GPU. If I do, though, I'd like it to be capable of running 3 monitors in the future. Below are my current specs and GPU thoughts.

Current: i7-2600K, Z68 ATX mobo w/ 16GB DDR3, 650W PSU, GTX560Ti 1.2GB and 2x 1920x1200 monitors.

Would a GTX670 4GB handle 3x 1920x1200 monitors effectively? Would my CPU etc handle a GTX670 4GB?

I play EVE Online, SimCity, StarCraft II. No demanding FPSes though (Crysis, Battlefield, etc).

Also, do we expect the next round of cards to come out sometime soon, pushing down the prices of the 600 series?
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  1. the next gen cards are expected to launch either very late 2013 or 'early' 2014...

    gtx670 should be enough for comfortable fps, doubt you can use max settings (AA/AF) thou. The gtx600 series cards can run up to 4 monitors with common outputs, just chooce a card that has the outputs you'd need. (2 DVIs and 1 HDMI so you can get away with a cheap HDMI-to-DVI adapter if needed, perhaps?)
    Your cpu is still great, especially if you overclock it...
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