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Hardware and Software Compatibility Windows 8 vs Windows 7

I currently run Windows 7 64 bit (Professional) but am in the process of upgrading my computer. The upgrade (CPU, RAM and Motherboard) may necessitate that I reinstall Windows. However, as I have Windows 8 available to me (I am a student and hence can get it with my University) I am wondering if I should take this opportunity to upgrade to Windows 8?, perhaps saving myself some trouble in the future if Windows 7 starts to loses support.

However, I have wondered ever since Windows 8 was released, just how well does it compare with Windows 7 in terms of it's compatibility with software and games? With Windows 7, it was generally the case that anything written for Vista and above would run just fine, as would a lot (but not all) of the software/games written for XP. Does Windows 8 offer the same compatibility as Windows 7 or are there a lot of older programs/games that it will not run?

Secondly in terms of hardware how compatible is it? Does it need dedicated Windows 8 drivers for each device or can you get away with using Windows 7 drivers in the same way Vista drivers normally work in Windows 7 if there isn't a dedicated Windows 7 driver available?
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    Windows won't be loosing support for many years to come. Stay with Windows 7 for now as it has less bugs. If your curious about windows 8 just try to make a Dual boot.
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