Questions regarding "next gen" consoles & building a competing PC rig.

The PS4 has been announced, the new Intel Haswell CPU's are around the corner (if they're any good for gaming) & the newest Xbox console is about to be announced. I'm debating whether I should get a next gen console OR build a PC to match OR get the next gen console & sell it once directx14, USB 5.0, etc start to pile up lol; in other words, sell the next gen console so I'm not "stuck" with the hardware once all the (lets face it, they're coming) new crazy tech comes out for gaming. My questions to the PC community goes as follows:

1. Is there any gaming PC I can build right now that could handle all the next gen console games on highest settings when they release? If so what are the name of the components & cost (no bottlenecks please)? Can I build it under $2,000 & have it future proof?

2. This article[ ] compares a ton of high end GPU's paired with a high end Intel CPU dealing with Crysis 3's graphical demands over a variety of settings. The article concludes that Crysis 3 "melts your machine" & in order to play the game on the higher settings realistically, you need serious hardware. What's troubling to me is that I don't necessarily consider Crysis 3 to be a "next gen" title & according to that article it seems to make a mockery of GPU's that are really good in todays world in Crossfire/SLI w/a GREAT CPU. If Crysis 3, a non next gen game, is able to put this much pressure on high end hardware, how worried should I be with the "next gen" titles on PC making demands on my hardware?

3. When it comes to GPU's, is there a difference between GPU Ram on an APU & GPU Ram with just a GPU or are these the same? Also, when it comes to GPU memory, should I make sure I have atleast 8GB of GDDR5 to be on par with the next gen consoles? What is the BEST method for futureproofing a gaming rig under $2,000 to deal with the "next gen" consoles?

4. Should I go AMD or Nvidia for this PC gaming rig? Does it really matter who I choose when considering high end crossfire or SLI configurations?

5. Will the confirmed 8GB of GDDR5 RAM founding in the PS4's GPU be better than the 4GB of any high end crossfire/SLI setup of todays high end GPU's?

6. Will an Intel 3770K & it's 4 cores & 8 threads be inferior to the PS4's confirmed 8 core processor?

7. What particular specs should I known about when looking at GPU's?

I would like to thank the community in advance for all questions answered & I apologize for any potential misunderstanding in context/syntax lol.
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  1. just go with setup that is most comfortable to you and don't think to much on the future. :p
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