Windows update check for updates button does not do anything--system builder version

My good friend who died's dad upgraded to Windows 8, and hired me to install Windows 7 Home Premium for him, since he feels lost on 8, and is less productive on it.

I deleted the HD partition, with the Windows 7 Home Premium System Builder CD (he just payed handsomely for), recreated 1 partition (2, counting the system partition), and installed ok--no problems.

Before installing Norton Internet Security 2013 (3 P.C.s version), I looked in Windows System logs, and noticed critical errors with "Windows Search" failing; so, I went into Windows Features, and uninstalled Windows Search.

Then installed Norton, and updated, continually, until no more updates available.

I was going to apply Windows updates. I opened the control panel, and clicked on Windows Updates. The "Check for Updates" button didn't do anything.

I thought, somehow, Windows search might be needed, so re-installed this Windows Feature.

Then, it looked like the check for updates button was going to work--I saw the progress bar appear, but only for a split-second, then it disappeared. The button just doesn't do anything--not even giving an error message.

Since this is my first time working with a "system builder" version, I thought I'd ask.

Has this happened to anyone else?

He has an HP Pavilion a6857c with 8G and a 1T hd (Seagate).
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  1. Go into the control panel, security section and enable updates.
    If the updates are disabled, you won't be able to check when you push the button.
    Also turn off the antivirus and try again. The anti virus might be blocking the connection.
  2. Updates enabled? in Windows 7 Home Premium?--all you have to do is click the Check for Updates button. As far as I know there is no way to disable.

    I have done clean installs of Windows 7 over 10 times, all with Norton (and over 100 on XP). Norton has never interfered with the Windows Update Process.
  3. Yes there is a way to disable, or change the updates to list, but not install.
    "Let me choose the updates to install."
    If they are shut off, it won't check.
  4. But if you click the "check for updates" link at the top left, under "control panel home", the update check is supposed to be initiated, no matter what the update setting.

    Windows update must use "Windows Search" to gather a list to send to the Microsoft update web server. It must have been a bad idea to check for updates with Windows search turned off.
  5. I got it. I had to reformat, and not mess with Windows Search, this time.
    I don't know why Search was bombing out every few minutes the first time; but, before the 2nd install, I cleaned the disk...maybe I got done it by a dust speck!

    That's the last time I turn off the Windows Feature, Windows Search!!
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