Will these specs run games smoothly?

Will these specs run games like Battlefield 3, Crysis 3, and Far cry 3 on high or ultra settings smoothly?

Intel Core-i5 3350P
8gb RAM
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  1. 100 percent it will
  2. I've heard that the Intel Core-i5 3350 cannot be overclocked very much, could this be a problem with gaming? Sorry, I don't know much about overclocking.
  3. no not at all, i have an intel i7 not overclocked and it works wonders, the i5 is more of a gaming chipset, you dont have to worry about overclocking the i5 unless you want to push it pass standards. believe me thats more than enough for gaming. a gtx 660 sc is also what i have... great gpu for the next 2 year or so... if i where you i would get 16gigs of ram.... its a difference in gaming, i have 8 but i am changing that asap
  4. Greats, thanks a lot!
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