AMD fx6300 ASrock970 Pro3

Is the following CPU and Motherboard compatible? AMD fx6300 ASrock970 Pro3
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  1. See here if it's supported :

    It's supported, but you might need to update the bios(P1.50, which is from 9/4/2012) you might not need to if they ship the motherboard with the recent bios, i can't say for sure since i don't own one with that cpu, but a customer in newegg says it ships with the 1.10 bios :

    "Cons: Motherboard manual is about 10 pages of uselessness.
    Board comes with bios 1.10, not compatible with the newest FX processors."

    That was last month, idk if there was any change or if the claim is accurate.
    I would go with this one to be sure :
    It has a feature that you don't need a cpu to update the bios(USB BIOS Flashback).
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