Looking for the cheapest printer and cartridge for the Toshiba Satellite lap top

The cheapest inkjet printer that has the cheapest ink cartridge for my Toshiba Satellite lap top, with Windows 7 and Vista software, if that matters ?
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  1. Buy a Canon printer which has individual cartridges for each colour.
    In my experience they waste less ink and are cheaper to run than any other make of printer.
    More reliable too - which also helps to keep running costs down.

    All new printers are compatible with Windows Vista & Windows 7
  2. Dear Phil 22, Whoever you are...thank you so very much. I went to two office supply stores and Canon was not a recommended, maybe because they don't have that brand. all best, Barbara Samuels
  3. Yes, obviously they wouldn't recommend a brand they don't have in stock because they want you to buy one they've got!
    But I can assure you, Canon printers are the best choice in my opinion - - I wouldn't buy any other brand.
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