Gigabyte Launches the Luxo K10 Case

Gigabyte has launched its new Luxo K10 case, which is almost identical to its IF 400 brother.

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  1. OMG ITS A BOX!!! Hurry up and get one now. Only 1 question, for $60 does this beat Rosewill?
  2. If Tom's sources their news from Techpowerup, what is the point in us reading the news here? C'mon guys I like it here, don't drive me away....
  3. I like making troll comments here. But it does not take a lot of effort to be put into the loop on these things. Just ask to get the press release of any new products from these companies. That's what the other sites do. Step 1 is asking, most of these companies are glad for the free advertising.
  4. at first glance I thought it was an antec case
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