Best position for case fans , for cpu/general cooling

Hey guys just wondering the best cooling options for my case fans is , not bothered about my gpu temps, but wondering whats the best positions for my case fans that would aid cpu cooling/general cooling.

I have a corsair 300r with 7 fan mounts, 2 front,top,side, 1 exhaust i have a H60 rad on the exhaust.

Did some diagrams on paint(sick skills) Blue arrows being intake and red being exhaust fans.

Currently i have everything intake which i guess is not right.

Here is a 2nd pic, would this airflow be much better? and would it make sense have side fans be intake instead of EXHAUST, if im not bother about gpu temps?, and also would it be cooler too exhaust my radaitor or intake too it?

thank you if you assist me with this topic, much appreciated.
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  1. front and side as intake and top and rear as exhaust that would be optimum, as you have the h60 you could make the rear an intake but i don't think it will make much difference to its cooling performance
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