Best cooling option, position of my case fans/rad

Hey guys just wondering the best cooling options for my case fans is , not bothered about my gpu temps, but wondering whats the best positions for my case fans that would aid cpu cooling/general cooling.

I have a corsair 300r with 7 fan mounts, 2 front,top,side, 1 exhaust i have a H60 rad on the exhaust.

Did some diagrams on paint(sick skills) Blue arrows being intake and red being exhaust fans.

Currently i have everything intake which i guess is not right.

Here is a 2nd pic, would this airflow be much better? and would it make sense have side fans be intake instead of EXHAUST, if im not bother about gpu temps?

+ Exhaust or Intake the fan on my H60 Radiator for better cooling?

thank you if you assist me with this topic, much appreciated.
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  1. NO, all fans set to intake is a bad idea! You are sucking in cool air in all directions which will cause a turbulent mess inside, plus once all that cool air moves around the hot components it will get warm, but with no exhaust where will the warm air go, except back around inside the case getting warmer and warmer!

    Warm air rises, so the rule for case fans is: If you imagine the case cut in half horizontally, fans positioned in the top half should be exhaust and the fans in the bottom half should be intake. But bare in mind you should keep a fairly equal intake to exhaust ratio. So if your case had 4 intakes and only 1 exhaust, that wouldn't be good for the airflow.
    But you have a nice case, which has a fairly similar layout to mine, so you want to go with:
    # 2x Front Fans (Intake) - for general airflow and to cool the HDD/SSD
    # 2x Side Fans (Intake) - for cooling the GPU, CPU and MoBo
    # 1x Rear Fan (Exhaust)
    # 2x Top Fans (Exhaust).

    You will get a very nice balanced airflow like that. Unless you have a mix of cheap and high performance fans, that would mess up the flow a bit. So try to use similar performance fans.

    Hope this helps
  2. Ok ill go with the 2 front intake , + radaidtor fan exhaust, and top 2 fans as exhaust. + side as intake then

    the fans are all the same make/rpm so i guess there all as cheap/good as each other ! :P

    thanks for your input
  3. No problem pal, glad to help =)

    Also, try running something like RealTemp with your current setup (All intake), run a stress test (Prime95 or another) for an hour or so and make a note of the temps.
    Then change the fan layout and run the stress test again to see the improvement in temps. Seeing your temps dropping lower and lower always puts a smile on your face :D
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