far cry 3 crashes when launched, crysis 3 crashes at boss and after death in campaign HELP!

Please help. I have tried many many things. When i click play farcry3 in stream it brings uplay up and when i click play in uplay it says crysis 3 encountered an error and needs to close! What the hey! Also crysis 3 is now crashing a ton after the "patch". Crysis 3 still plays multiplayer perfectly. I can still play other games fine. TF2, GW2, arma3. You can see in my sig i have a brand new high end build, it is windows 8 though so that maybe why its buggy. Anyone else found a solution? I tried reinstalling steam, uplay, farcry3, tried updating them, tried new ccc version, tried new drivers, tried windows updates, tried live update 5, tried running as administrator and in compatibility mode. Im out of ideas.
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  1. Also i have tried it with all overclocks off. And stock default bios settings.
  2. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/09/11/finally-an-in-built-way-to-choose-steam-install-locations/#comment-page-3

    I read that this helped in my situation. I have the game on a different hardrive than steam is located, others with two hardrives said it helped. I will check when i get back home. Cant believe that in 2013 with an $2000 rig that windows and games and launchers like steam still arent user friendly....bleh. steam support is a joke. And EA games are so buggy and crashy. Pissin me of i almost threw my pc lol
  3. Hey guys wanted to let you all know if you have farcry3 from the steam app you have to install farcry 3 to c:/ or wherever steam was mainly installed. I kept installing it to my hdd and it would say farcry stopped working when i clicked play from uplay. I reinstalled it to my ssd where windows and steam are and it runs perfect. U have to keep uplay online to get it to update the buggyness when u first play it tho. Wooohooo!
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