Clevo 571TU 1333MHz RAM Running @ 1333MHz on 1066 Bus Speed Board


I have a Clevo 571TU gaming laptop with a PM45 motherboard in it. I've been wanting to extend the machine's life a little more - it can still handle most stuff I throw at it, games and rendering... So, I opted to change the CPU and add some more RAM to it. The board has 2 slots, and from the PM45's info I can go up to 2x4GB 1066MHz modules. Interestingly, the current modules inserted into the machine are 2x2GB 1333MHz - and CPUz shows them running at 667MHz... Is it possible for the RAM to be running at a higher speed than the bus speed? Shouldn't the board be downclocking them? OR does CPUz show the pre-downclocked speed?

Also, performance-wise, will there be noticeable difference between the 1333 and the 1066?

Thanks in advance for your replies.
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  1. Generally the MB should downclock the RAM to the bus default, especially in a laptop. I am not familiar with the BIOS in that specific machine though, and they may have enabled RAM overclocking.

    No, you shouldn't really see much of a difference between the 2.
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