Need help choosing between three different GTX 660's.

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  1. Well I've had 3 Gigabyte GPU's and all have run flawlessly. I thought I was having an issue with 1 and gigabyte was easy to reach and work with on the phone and I got an RMA quickly. Then I tried my old gtx265 in place of the 460 and found out it wasnt the 460 after all. It was my monitor flakiung out. Rma never used; but it was nice to see how good they were with support first hand. My next card will be a gigabyte again.
  2. Thank you! This actually really helped me out a lot because according to newegg, their specs are exactly the same, except for dimensions of course. So it really comes down to the reliability with the company. From your expeirence, you said Gigabyte was grey with customer support which is good to know in case I get a defective. Also, the Gigabyte is even cheaper than the MSI. Thanks'
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