Upgrade from the 8120? or new GPU?

First off, here is some specs
8120 @ 3.1ghz
16gb ram
2gb 6670 GDDR3 (I know it sucks, I'm planning on upgrading soon)
Asus M5A78LM/USB3 motherboard (AM3+)

Basically, I'm a noob at building PC's.
I got this PC for using 3D programs such as cinema 4d and graphics design in photoshop, along with video editing in after effects.
I get great performance in these programs but my gaming performance is lacking.

I've been wondering if i should upgrade from the 8120 for gaming, and I'm not sure if i should:

A: Get the 8350 then don't get a new GPU
B: Get the Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition and maybe a new GPU(?)

After looking at reviews and benchmarks it seems like these are the best AMD processors for gaming. If I get the 8350, will my GPU bottleneck it ( and therefore make the entire upgrade pointless) ?
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  1. Why upgrade in the first place? Are you having issues? or just for the sake of upgrading and having the lastest and greatest?
  2. I get bad frame rates in games.
  3. You need to invest in a GPU, the 8120 is more than competent enough to handle your needs.
  4. GPU.

    It also depends on what resolution and what graphic settings you want to use. In general, for anyone who wants to play games the minimum card should be the Radeon HD 7750. To me that is the most basic card to buy for a relatively low price of around $90 - $100 for the DDR5 version. It more or less equal to the Radeon HD 6770.

    The more performance you want to more you need to spend.
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