Looking for new headset (PC gaming/music) (headset vs headphones + mic?)

Hi guys, im looking for a new headset or mic+headphones to use for pc gaming and possible listening to music on ipod (not crucial). I'm looking to spend up to around £150 although if needed I could spend up to £150. So far the Siberia v2 looks good, it's cheap and apparently has good quality. However, lot's of people have said that getting a pair of headphones and an external mic would get me better audio quality for the money as gaming headsets charge you extra because they can brand it as 'gaming'- Hope that made sense ;) In a nut shell what's the best i can get for my money -razer,steelseries,sennheiser, Bose etc..
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  2. I wouldn't recommend Razer right off the bat, and if you have the option of choosing sennheiser, I'd do so. There are other good brands out there but the senns will probably have the one closest to your price range and also in terms of bang for your buck.

    senneheiser pc 360

    i've owned them for some time and they're still one of the best sub $200 gaming headphones out there. if you wanna use them with your smartphone, just get a dual to single adapter.

    if you want a good model without a mic, look at the HD 598

    happy listening my friend
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