Does the XFX 7850 have 2 dual dvi ports?

just bought this

The box says it has 1 single and 1 dual.

The pic of the back of the card shows two dual DVIs I think. (tried to post it wont let me.)

how can I test them?
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  1. From XFX's webpage. the specifications tab:

    Display Output
    Display Port ready:1.2
    Dual link Support:Y
    HDMI Ready:1.4a
    Max Supported Resolution (ANALOG):2048 x 1536
    Max Supported Resolution (DIGITAL):2560 x 1600
    Output - DL-DVI-I:1
    Output - HDMI:1
    Output - mini DP:2
    Output - SL-DVI-D:1

    So the box is correct as is.
  2. But can a single DVI single be spit through a Dual link DVI plug? Don't the plugs determine the type?
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